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Unum Disability Claim Settlements – Special Considerations

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Buy outEnd of the year is very interesting particularly when Unum reps start sending out settlement offers in order to reduce financial reserves thereby increasing financial profits. Given the number of phone calls received by DCS, Inc. with questions concerning Unum’s settlement offers,  it’s likely a good idea to write a post about it.

In the past, Unum’s policy is to not settle any claim for greater than 80% of the claim financial reserve. Oops…Unum doesn’t admit to claim reserves, and sells claim buyouts as a percentage of net present value. Where the company’s actual settlement amount falls on the financial reserve scale is anyone’s guess,  but 75% of NPV must put the claim close to 80% of reserve or higher.

This year has been phenomenal since early in 2013 Unum’s offers of settlement were primarily based on 60-65% of net present value calculated with a discount rate between 4.2% and…

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Taking and Oil Pulling with raw unrefined Coconut oil for health and weight loss

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Quality Coconut oil for Health & Weight loss.

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Did you know that Oil pulling with & consuming a good quality brand of raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil can make all the difference in the world in getting health benefits?NFR6K me
Did you know that Oil Pulling with & consuming a good quality brand of raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil can cause the metabolism to work properly causing proper weight, including weight loss for those who need it?
Did you know most do not just cook with quality coconut oil to get the desired benefits? As a matter of fact most do not cook much at all with coconut oil but they take coconut oil & they oil pull with it.
Did you know not all Raw, virgin, unrefined coconut oils are created equal? And that you may need to try different brands to find the…

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Mini imprimé léopard & Couleurs fraiches !


Watercolor and leopard print nailartBonjour les nailistas ! Aujourd’hui je viens vous voir avec un de mes nail arts favoris de ces derniers temps, je l’ai sur les mains à l’heure où je vous écris et je crois qu’il va être très difficile pour moi de l’enlever pour poser autre chose (du coup, je le garde ^^). J’ai commencé ce design sans avoir la moindre idée de ce qu’il allait devenir. D’abord, j’ai débuté comme souvent quand je n’ai pas d’idées: en posant une base blanche, toile vierge capable d’accueillir à peu près toutes sortes de couleurs sans prendre de risque. Ensuite j’étais partie dans l’idée de réaliser une sorte de galaxy nails version couleurs estivale (couleurs inspirées de ma coque d’iphone donc ^^) et j’ai sorti un jaune pétant, un rose corail et un de mes nouveaux mint de chez Formula X (je vous l’ai montré posé sur Facebook et Insta déjà pour…

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The Truth About Fat


When you want to lose weight or get healthy, what is the first thing you would normally cut from your diet? If you said fat, you’re not alone.

For years, the advice from the USDA has been to reduce the level of saturated fat in your diet, in order to lower your overall cholesterol. However, a new meta-analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has thrown that whole approach in to question.

The removal of fats from our diet has led to an increase in consumption of carbohydrates and processed low-fat alternatives, which has contributed to record levels of diabetes and obesity.

When you consider that most low-fat or non-fat products are laden with salts, sugars and preservatives, continuing to seek out fat-free alternatives could be doing you more harm than good.

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